About us

Céline Champmartin
starts to study ballet at the age of 6 in Chaumont France and later continues with classic and contemporary dance in Nancy Dance Conservatory. She receives a university degree in psychology. For the first time she comes on stage with Sosanna Marcelino Dance Company. In Paris she receives a diploma of a dance teacher. She continues her training with Wayne Byars’ classical dance technique and Peter Goss. She gets inspired also by Lola Keraly. She studies Japanese dance butho with Atsushi Takenouchi, contact dance improvisation with Patricia Kuypers, Feldenkreist and Alexander Technique with Luigia Riva, yoga with various teachers. She interprets different roles for various dance and theatre companies on stage - Sosana Marcelino, Companie Theatricole, Ct’e Gourbi, etc. She meets Adrien Mondot in 2005 in Avinion Festival, and starts to study juggling with him. She founds Company Mu, with which starts to create performances for children, presenting at various festivals throughout France. She gives workshops in juggling with the company Adrien M and has a great interest in teaching disabled kids. On stage she fusions sensible and expressive dance with juggling of objects.

Thomas Aknine has studied acrobatics and equilibriums in the circus school Boulogne Billancourt & Nanterre for 3years. Presently he continues his formation in contemporary dance school La Ménagerie de Verre in Paris. He investigates ball juggling and corporal expression. He explores rebound juggling, contact dance and improvisation. He works on developing an innovative and contemporary juggling style – with contrast, fluid versus brisk, dynamic versus slow, improvisations with live musicians, etc. He mixes those juggling techniques with theatre and mime, in order to dance and relate to his objects as companions in the play. Since 3 years he has been performing at various festivals and varietes in Paris, Barcelona and Bulgaria. As an independent artist he is working in 3 different companies – Compagnie Mu, Compagnie Theatricole (children’s theatre), and Compagnie Kytach.

Dimitar Germanov receives his university title with degree in mathematics from Cornell University in New York in 1998. In the past 17 years he lives and travels for long periods in more than 50 regions in Europe, Southamerica, Central America, Africa, India, Tibet. In 2004 in Barcelona he starts studying juggling in Circus School Roger Rivel and later continues in Katakomben Juggling School in Berlin, where he works with Stefan Sing, Viktor Kee from Cirque de Soleil, Morgan Cosquier. He specializes in manipulatiobn of balls and crystal sphere (contact). From 2005 he dances contemporary dance in various academies – Centro Civico Barceloneta, Camarín de las Musas in Buenos Aires, AREA Dansa in Barcelona, Tanzquartier Wiena. He studies with Lali Ayguadé and Elias Lazaridis from Hofesh Shechter y Akram Khan dance companies, and with Anna Weisman from Batsheva dance company. Dimitar studies Japanese dance butho with Yoshito Ohnu and Jean Daniel Fricker, mime with Loco Brusca. He explores various other body consciousness techniques such as Tai Chi and Alexander Technique. He starts practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Varanasi, India and deepens in the teachings in the mountains of El Bolson in Patagonia Argentina. In tha past 4 years he practices the first and second series of Ashtanga Yoga and teaches in different yoga centers. Since 2009 Dimitar presents at various theatres and street theatre festivals throughout Europe – Ferrara, Ascona, Hamburg STAMP, Lugano busker festivals, Chalon-dans la rue, Combinat de Circ Ateneu, Barcelona, etc.